Scribs (2007)

Programs used - Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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Scribs started life as a simple doodle, but would span to become the logo of my first personal website ( Proving popular since his creation, Scribs was the character for the theme of the website and full of personality in such a simple design.


Developing Scribs as a logo and character

To bring new life to the doodle that scribs began as, I scanned it into the Adobe Illustrator suite and began to vectorise him, giving him bold simple colours that matched the colour scheme of the website whilst keeping the design simple was the key to managing the characters development.
Scribs and PnD
Later adding hands, feet and even a whole body (as shown in the title image), scribs became a true mascot of the website. Scribs would become so popular he featured on a number of specially made t-shirts worn by fans and team members alike. As a character, Scribs is ready to jump into animation and games, and might do just that in the coming months.


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