Jungle Love (2009)

Programs used - Adobe Photoshop



In early October, Tiffany (my fiance) was browsing for a new wallpaper to suit her laptop, after having little to know luck finding an image she could happily use daily as her wallpaper, she requested I make her a wallpaper of her very own. Being intimately familiar with her interests, I started to design and create a wallpaper that she could enjoy as her very own.

Scribs and PnD

I found it very easy to start this piece whilst seeing it develop over a period of stages (unable to be shown in great detail here) up until its completion (the end product being shown at the top of this page). Creating the initial design on paper and then bringing this paper based design into Adobe Photoshop, I injected life into what otherwise could be considered a static image by using a variety of effects and textures.

Scribs and PnD

Taking a little under a week to complete, I am very proud of this piece of work, especially as Tiffany still enjoys it to this day. But I already have ideas for her next unique wallpaper.


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