Professor P's Big Body Tour (2008-2009)

Programs used - Adobe Photoshop CS2 / 3
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Big Body Tour

To create Professor P's Big Body Tour (link can be found above), I needed to immerse myself into the theme that the application would use. The theme I had chosen was that of a steampunk style that had become popular in recent years through games like Bioshock. Taking notable inspiration from the previously mentioned game, I became adamant that this would be the theme my application would follow and so began work creating the portal through which the user could explore.
Using research gathered over a course of several weeks leading into the project, drawing influences from the aforementioned Bioshock and H.G. Well's The Time Machine. I created an image of the modern mad scientists steam punk style laboratory, which resulted in the following mock-up.

Big Body Tour - Mockup
This would later become the backdrop for my video of the Doctor Pulse instructional videos that played throughout the application. But using this as a template for furthering my ideas on how the stage should feel and act really enabled me to engage with the project further. Creating the "cockpit" of the vessel that the user would view the world through was difficult, as it needed a particular perspective similar to that of looking "out of" a goldfish bowl, which took numerous attempts until finally capturing correctly on the 24th test image as seen below.

Big Body Tour - Cockpit

This final cockpit template was then added to my final design in Director to create the cockpit effect seen above. Other steampunk items used in the project were created by myself also. Below is a small sample.




This work can be viewed in its entirety in the App's section of my portfolio, click the link to go there now.




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