The Three Little Pigs (2007)

Programs used - Adobe Flash
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My first experiences with using Flash were brought about during my first semester at Wolverhampton University. The brief was to recreate an interactive version of the fairy tale classic "The Three Little Pigs" using Flash.
I was able to promote the feeling of interaction within this artifact by allowing the user to browse the story at their own pace and create the houses of the three little pigs themselves. I initially found the program hard to use, having only ever used Swish Max before this project, and I had alot of fun using the new software.
Unfortunately, recent flash updates have rendered the old projector file out of date. But above can be found an example of the animation and style used in the application and below you can find screenshots of interaction within the program.

Three Little Pigs - Building 1

Three Little Pigs - Building 2

Three Little Pigs Background





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