Professor P's Big Body Tour (2008-2009)

Programs used - Adobe Flash, Macromedia Director
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In the third and final year of my studies in Interactive media, we had a year long project to design and create the interactive artifact of our choice.


Big Body Tour Concept

Staring with a simple paper design (as shown above), I began to create the basis of the cockpit that the user would interact with throughout the use of the program, which had to include certain features that would make the application interactive.

I set out to create the definitive tour of the human body and I used Director, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop as well as skills learnt using audio and video recording equipment and script writing to create the application.
Filming of "The Misadventures of Jimmy"

Acting as the ships pilot, the user explores and interacts with the human body from the inside, being given facts and information whilst also being shown diagrams, animation and videos explaining various different pieces of information.


Sadly, given the time and limited resources, I was only able to complete the respitory system area of this application. The planning and work undertaken was hard, but I enjoyed the testing of my skills, which allowed me to create a piece of work I am very proud of.
Below is the pitchboard for Professor P's Big Body Tour.
Professor P's Big Body Tour


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