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Punks Not Dead is officially the first website I created and maintained at the age of 13 when I first began to gain an interest in internet culture, animation and design in general.

Originally created in 2001, Punks Not Dead began life being hosted on a freeservers free account. It was made entirely from html script using iframes and individual htm pages. Very basic for its time but it gave me the chance to begin exploring a side of design and creation I had previously not known existed.

The second version of the Punks Not Dead website came in 2002 after I had been experimenting with what I could achieve using html script, I began to use tables to create websites that had a more structured appeal to them. Whilst the content remained unchanged, the style of the site matured.

Again the site went under further development in 2004, this time Punks Not Dead heralded a greater change in atmosphere and concept for the website and content. Originally a humour site created for those who had attended my school, Punks Not Dead took a step towards the site it is today. A more serious approach was taken, concert reviews and a radio show using shoutcast broadcasting software was first implemented here, however the site remained true to its past and also included some of the humour that made it a cult success.

During 2006, I first began to work with CSS scripting and began to stray from traditional html design coding. Punks Not Dead became my first true test of my newly aquired CSS skills, and became a reviews site and alternative news broadcaster for 2 years gaining a mild success rate, earning over 1400 hits a week when it became PunksNotDead.co.uk. Utilising a flash animated menu and incorporating elements of html and css together, I was able to create the site with ease

Punks Not Dead entered a long period of hiatus at the beginning of 2008. I was unable to meet the demands of maintaining a popular website and focus on my increasing amount of University work, and made the choice to close Punks Not Dead until I was able to input more time into the site once again. During this time, my skills in web design and development improved to a point where I was able to recreate Punks Not Dead into a blank canvas ready to be developed once again. At the end of 2009 PunksNotDead.co.uk will become active once again with new features.

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