Lost In Awesome (Ongoing Project)

Programs used - Adobe Dreamweaver


Lost in Awesome the very website you are browsing now, is the creation born of over a year of design and development in usability and function of a portfolio website. Simple to browser, clear and concise, whilst setting itself out from the crowd with a striking design that leaves the user at the very least, intrigued.

The very first incarnation of Lost in Awesome brought with it a very simple series of webpages linked by the similar theme as shown here. But the frame work remains unchanged a year on. Using a basic PHP script embedded into the page allows me to post updates as text files from a password protected admin page.


With the theme set in the first incarnation, the second version of Lost in Awesome would be the first to incorporate the day and night cycle. By using time based PHP code, it was possible for me to make a different header image appear every hour for the corrosponding time of day.

The most recent incarnation of Lost in Awesome uses the same time based design concept but takes it one step further to completely alter the sites appearance depending on the users computer time by using Javascript to check the users computer clock time and then select the appropriate CSS to link to. This can be seen in the following animation.

Copyright © Ian Johnson 2009