Busway (2007)

Programs used - Adobe Dreamweaver, PHPmyadmin


In the second year of my three year course we were tasked with creating a database able to be used for an online business of our choice aslong as it was in the food industry. Using only CSS, HTML, PHP and MySql, we were to create a number of menu's with varying functions all to be controlled by a database on our private server.
Working on paper I began to design and sketch different possible logos for the website, and this soon turned into a full concept site map in my sketchbook.
Busway design
The website shown is the finished article for this design brief. Busway Sub Sandwiches online menu and order form contains 4 seperate menu's with 8 possible combinations able to be selected via the menu areas, whilst an admin user was able to use the log in screen shown to delete and add details or entirely new items to the menu without having to manually input them into the database that controls the system.

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