Ragtime Revival (2008)

Programs used - Adobe Premier, Apple Garageband
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Ragtime Revival ("The Misadventure's of Billy") is the video stream that appeared alongside the Ragtime Revival website (Click here to view the website). The video is intended to be viewed on the internet as part of the viral style advert on a streaming server, hence the reliance on quicktime in the original website.

Viral version of Ragtime Revival

It took 4 days to capture the right light and right time for the simple 30 second long sequence, but I believe the effect was more than worth the effort. To market a modern university, like that at Wolverhampton, I thought it to be more humorous and memorable to the viewer to have an old ragtime, informational, propoganda movie advertising the modern amenities and resources the university has to offer. The script, audio, production and acting was performed by myself.


This was also my first time working with video production equipment, as well as Mac computers, which I would also come into contact with on many more occasions throughout the year.


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